Invitation for A-, B-, C- Open in english

Lueneburger Chessfestival in 4****Hotel-Seminaris Lueneburg
Date:                                    A-, B- and C- Open August 3rd until 11th 2019

Organisationsteam:      Via mail at

Venue                                  4****Hotel Seminaris, Soltauer Straße 3, 21335 Lüneburg

Registration:                     Online at

Entry fee:                          

A-Open (open to all): 75€;
(open for players from 1200 to 1800): 65€;
(open to players up to 1400): 55€
Kids and Teens (2000 and younger): 15€ less (on each entry fee)
Participation in 2 tournaments 25€ less (once);
w/hotel seminaris 20€ less (once).
GM / IM / WGM / WIM are free.

During the tournament we will offer coffee, tea and water for free. In case you want to donate 5 Euro for this extra service you are very welcome!

Payment made after June 13th 15€ more (for each tournament).
It’s possible to play A-Open and B- or C- Open!

Rate of play:

A-Open: 9 round swiss system, 40 moves in 90 minutes, 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 sec per move from move 1. B- and C-Open: 7 rounds. Time control B-Open like A-Open. C-Open 90 minutes for the game + 30 Sec per move from move 1.
The A- and B-Open will be Elo and DWZ rated. The C-Open will only be DWZ rated.
Tolerance: 30 Minuten after the official start of the round.

Game Schedule:

A-Open: 9 rounds August 3rd through August 11th 2019. Each round starts at 4:00 p.m. except round 9 on August 11th at 10:00 a.m. A Open registration August 3rd til 3 p.m.
B- and C-Open: 7 rounds August 3rd through August 10th 2019. Each round starts 10 a.m. Registration August 3rd til 9:00 a.m.
Award ceremony will begin about 20 minutes after the end of the last rounds of each Open.

Prizes Open:

A-Open: 1000/750/500/300/200/100 (guaranteed with a minimum of 70 players) For rating- and special prizes have a look at our website. Prizes: min. 4100€.

B-Open: 500/300/200/100 (guaranteed with a minimum of 20 players ). Prizes 1100€.
C-Open: 300/200/100 (guaranteed with a minimum of 15 players). Prizes 600€.

To receive any prize money you must be present at the award ceremony. Prize money for foreigners without permanent German residency will be taxed according to the German income tax law (EStG).


Seminaris Discount Prices for Open Players (book with the organizers):
Single room (w/breakfast): € 89.00 per person, per night (instead of the normal € 119)
Double room (w/breakfast): € 49.50 per person, per night (instead of the normal €74)
Family Suite (3 people + breakfast): €39,67 per person, per night (not otherwise on offer)
These discounted prices are available from August 2nd through August 14th 2019.


Becker & Nagel GbR

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Sparkasse Lüneburg

For more details check out our website