A-, B- and C- Open – Invitation in english

A-B-C-Open: 8 July 2017 through 16 July 2017


IM Jonathan Carlstedt +49 (0) 176 48350910;
Martin Becker +49 (0) 151 12756011
or via mail at info@vmcg-schachfestival.de


4****Hotel Seminaris, Soltauer Straße 3, 21335 Lüneburg


Online at Internetseite-Anmeldung or by sending an e-mail to the organizers

Entry fee:

A-Open (open to all): 70€; B-Open (open for players from 1200 to 1800): 60€;
(open to players up to 1400): 50€
Kids and Teens (1996 and younger): 15€ less (on each entry fee)
Participation in 2 tournaments 25€ less (once);
w/hotel 20€ less (once).
GM/IM/ female players are free.


During the tournament we will offer coffee, tea and water for free. In case you want to donate 5 Euro for this extra service you are very welcome!

Payment made after 16 May 2017 15€ more (for each tournament).
Its possible to play A-Open and B- or C- Open!


Rate of play:

A-Open: 9 round swiss system, 40 moves in 90 minutes, 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 sec per move from move 1. B- and C-Open: 7 rounds. Time control B-Open like A-Open. C-Open 90 minutes for the game + 30 Sec per move from move 1.
The A- and B-Open will be Elo and DWZ rated. The C-Open will only be DWZ rated.
Tolerance: 30 Minuten after the official start of the round.


Game Schedule:

A-Open: 9 rounds 8 July 2017. through 16 July 2017. Each round starts 4:00 p.m.
A Open registration 8 July 2017 til 3:15 p.m.
B- and C-Open: 9 rounds 8 July 2017 through 16 July 2017. Each round starts 10:p.m.
B- / C- Open registration 8 July til 9:15 a.m.
Award ceremony will begin at the end of the last rounds of each Open.


Prizes Open:

A-Open: 1000/750/500/300/200/100 (guaranteed with a minimum of 70 players, when female players count as well) For rating- and special prizes have a look at our website. This year we have a new rating group 2250-2400 with interesting prizes! Prizes: min. 4500€.
B-Open: 500/300/200/100 (guaranteed with a minimum of 20 players ). Prizes 1100€.
C-Open: 300/200/100 (guaranteed with a minimum of 15 players). Prizes 600€.



Seminaris Discount Prices for Open and Senior Open Players (book with the organizers):
Single room (w/breakfast): € 77.00 per person, per night (instead of the normal € 114)
Double room (w/breakfast): € 56.50 per person, per night (instead of the normal €72)
Family Suite (3 people + breakfast): €46.50 per person, per night (not otherwise on offer)
These discounted prices are available from 29 June 2016 through 9 July 2016. . 2h Gratis use of swimming pool or the health spa SaLü (directly connected to the hotel with whirlpool, thermal bath, and more).



Carlstedt & Becker GbR
IBAN: DE66 2406 0300 8523 8791 00

Download: VMCG-SCHACHFESTIVAL Invitation 2017